Norway and Ireland

Irish – Norwegian connections started with some not so friendly encounters about 1200 years ago when the Vikings came visiting the Emerald Isle. However, the Vikings did not just bring with them lust for plunder and pillage, but also trade and they established some of Ireland’s most important towns and cities. The Viking era was undoubtedly the beginning of cultural exchange and trade between Read more

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This section contains information from various cultural institutions in Norway, that is of relevance to Irish counterparts.

Here you will find all the published Nordic Newsletter from the missions in Dublin

Diplomatic relations between Ireland and Norway was established 17th February 1950 when the Norwegian Ambassador in London, H.E. C. Prebensen, was also accredited as Ambassador to Ireland. Read more

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Thinking about studying in Ireland? Ireland is a popular destination among students from Europe as well as from other regions of the world. Whether you plan to study in Ireland as an exchange student, as a regular student or simply participate in short-term summer courses in Ireland, you will not only enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the Irish people, but also the international... Read more

Norway is contributing to future growth and development in Europe by supporting research and innovation cooperation through the EEA and Norway Grants. Read more