Important message regarding Embassy’s phone number

Last updated: 13.10.2015 // The Norwegian Embassy has been informed that people sometimes encounter problems when trying to call us.

Since upgrading the phone system to IP phones last year, it has been brought to our attention that it is not always possible to get through to us on our landline, 01 662 1800.

When the phone system is working as per normal, you will get a welcome message, informing the caller to press 1 or 2, depending on your choice of language. If the Embassy is open, you should then get a message informing you that you will be transferred to the switchboard, and if you call outside our office hours, there is a message informing that the embassy is closed and how to get help from the Emergency response centre in Oslo, if you are in need of consular assistance.

To try to get to the bottom of this, we ask people who encounter problems to send us an e-mail, , detailing when they tried to call and what happened/when it stops or call is disconnected. It is important to know exactly what happens, as the fault may be either with the phone line itself or inside the software that controls the IP phone system.

If you have problems getting through to us, and particularly if you are in need of consular assistance, you may try to call us on our IP number, +47 23 98 21 00.