Date:  26. October 2014 20:00
Location: Triskel Christchurch
Category:  Performance

Håkon Kornstad to perform at the Cork Jazz Festival

Photo: Erik Burås

Norwegian musician Håkon Kornstad will be on stage at Triskel Christchurch, Cork during this year’s Cork Guinness Jazz Festival

While studying jazz at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Håkon Kornstad formed the jazz trio Triangle, together with Per Zanussi and Wetle Holte. The trio later became extended with more members and eventually the jazz band Wibutee saw the light of day.

However, since 2003, Håkon Kornstad has concentrated more on his solo project, where he combines acoustic music as well as using saxophones and electronica. He is also adding opera in to the mix, after becoming fascinated with the genre during his 2009 stay in New York.

We are delighted to welcome Håkon Kornstad to Ireland, and believe this will be an amazing event at the 2014 Cork Guinness Jazz Festival.

Venue: Triskel Christchurch
Time/date: Sunday 26 October @8pm
For tickets and more information, please go to http://guinnessjazzfestival.com/concerts/detail/triskel-christchurch-listings/hakon-kornstad-lulo-reinhardt#hakon-kornstad


Triskel Christchurch