Photo: Irish White-tailed Sea Eagle project.Photo: Irish White-tailed Sea Eagle project

Irish White Tailed Sea Eagle Reintroduction Programme

Last updated: 05.12.2014 // The Irish White-tailed Sea Eagle (WTSE) Reintroduction Programme is a long-term initiative to re-establish the population of White-tailed sea eagles in Ireland.

Over five years (2007-2011), Norwegian sea eagles were released in Killarney National Park, Co Kerry. The last birds were released in August 2011, bringing the total number up to over 100. This number should be sufficient to re-establish a viable self-sustaining breeding population in Ireland.

The first pairs have settled and nested, even though not all nesting attempts have resulted in viable youngs. The first successful breeding occurred in 2013, when chicks fledged in Co Clare.

In July 2014, a Bird Viewing and Informatioin Point opened  at Mountshannon, allowing people to watch a pair of White-tailed sea eagles that have paired and nested on Lough Dergh, raising one chick successfully this summer. This launch was attended by Ambassador Roald Næss.

The project has issued a detailed report on the work and results so far. It can be downloaded here.