Attendees of the Nordic Web Summit Networking Event . Photo: Torunn Stokke Griffin

Nordic Web Summit Networking Event in Dublin

Last updated: 03.11.2015 // The Danish, Finnish and Norwegian embassies and Consulate General of Sweden recently hosted an exclusive networking reception for members of the Nordic ICT-community.

The four Nordic Embassies in Dublin hosted the reception to promote the growing relationship between the Nordic ICT-market and Ireland ahead of the Web Summit. The reception was attended by representatives from the Nordic companies participating in the Web Summit, Irish stakeholders in the ICT-sector and Nordic managers from global companies.

Ireland is widely recognised as a global technology hub and a magnet for tech businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. In recent years, Ireland, and the city of Dublin in particular, has established itself as a popular European base for tech companies. This expanding sector of the Irish economy will no doubt continue to benefit from its partnership with the Nordic ICT-market.