“Brothers” – A Norwegian documentary diary

Last updated: 29.01.2016 // “Brothers” will be screened at the Dublin International Film Festival as a part of the film program aimed for young people.

“Brothers” is a Norwegian documentary diary of the filmmaker, Aslaug Holm`s, two sons. She filmed their childhood for more than eight years from when they were five and eight years old. The film highlights the brother relationship and how it develops as they grow older. Their personality is widely different as shown in the boys’ dreams and expectations for their future, as well as in the tiny little details Aslaug Holm manage to show. You will for sure recognize moments and situations from your own life, as well as enjoy a wonderful family story.

Established in 2003, The Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) has fast become Ireland's biggest feature film festival, and takes place in Ireland's capital city each spring. DIFFs main goal is to celebrate film as an art form by presenting the highest standard of international cinema to its audience. This year’s festival will take place from 18th-28th February 2016.