Photo: Ingrid Marie Svendsen.Photo: Ingrid Marie Svendsen

Young Social Innovators - How to form Ireland tomorrow?

Last updated: 21.01.2016 // Young Social Innovators mark the partnership with Ulster Bank.

More than 200 people were gathered in Dublin yesterday to mark the partnership between Yong Social Innovators (YSI) and Ulster Bank. The event was host for an energetic discussion on the future of young social innovation and its role in the Irish society. Young innovators have used their own life experience to come up with ideas in order to take action to help others. Anti-water charge protests, domestic violence and youth suicide were some of the experiences that inspired the innovators. An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny talked about how important the innovators work have been to a country like Ireland, and how they inspire other countries to make similar initiatives, among them Norway.

Ever since the founding of YSI in 2001, the focus have been to come up with innovation that benefit as many people as possible. Social innovation has a key role to communicate messages and action in order to help and inspire.

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Photo: Torunn Stokke Griffin