Carte Blanche. Koreografi: Hooman Sharifi . Photo: Erik Berg

Dance Information Norway

Last updated: 04.01.2016 // The Norwegian Dance scene has grown rapidly the last 70 years and now enjoys having world renowned artists that make an influence both domestically and abroad. Dance Information Norway is the backbone that promotes the art and support it with its expertise.

Founded in 1994, Dance Information Norway serves as the national information and expertise centre for the art of dance. They promote the art form by acting as a source of information for the media, professionals and the general public, and through providing expertise on the field. Dance Information Norway is a non-profit foundation, funded by the Ministry of Culture.

They serve as the national coordinator for UNESCO’s International Dance Day, which celebrates dance across ethnic, religious and cultural boundaries.

Furthermore, Dance Information Norway provides statistics and council for the government, partners, students, artists and the press. They contribute to both national and international projects in which they have developed a large network within the dance community. 

There are three major dance festivals in Norway; October Dance Norway (Oktoberdans ) in Bergen, established 1997, Coda – Oslo International Dance Festival, established 2002, and Dance Festival Barents, established 2004. The first two festivals occur biannually and function as a showcase for Norwegian contemporary dance, as well as visiting choreographers and companies. The latest years several smaller festival initiatives have emerged, like Multiplié (Trondheim) Ravnedans in Kristiansand, Norwegian festival for dance and film (Haugesund), Improfestivalen, Mind The Gap, Rethink Dance, Urban Moves, and more. Black Box Theatre in Oslo recently renamed Marstrand, its annual performing arts festival Oslo International Theatre festival, and continues to present cutting edge contemporary dance.

A selection of Norwegian choreographers and dance companies

In order to give an overview of Norwegian dance artists and promote their work they have now gathered video-trailers and information from approximately 60 Norwegian dance artists.

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